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The Issues

I have a vision for Elkhart County to be a place where thriving businesses want to come.  A place where the red tape is scarce, the roads are paved, and the infrastructure is ready to support growth.

Below are the issues I stand for and commit to promote when elected.


I will be counted on to follow the Constitution. Our founding documents and the Bill of Rights are the rule of law, and I will stand for our County if Federal or State government acts outside the bounds of the Constitution.


I support individual freedoms. This is illustrated especially when it comes to allowing people to decide for themselves whether they are an essential worker or making their own decision to attend church in person. I also support people to decide for themselves if they want to wear a face mask and if they want to get a vaccine.


I will support individual property rights and the ability to protect your property. I will be very careful when considering tax incremental financing, and will seek the overall best interest of the taxpayers in these matters. I will strive for common sense in matters of zoning and tax breaks.


As your County Commissioner, I will take seriously the legislative and executive functions of this office. I will seek to keep the local government accountable to the people. I will not make new laws just for the sake of law-making, but seek a better way to manage county government, evaluate tax structure, and see if any taxes can be lowered.

Get Involved

Make an impact in our community by getting involved.

From volunteering to fundraising, you can make a difference in our community.

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